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Stoneware, a non-porous material fired at around 1300¬įC requires a specific type of clay and was developed after earthenware and porcelain, fired at temperatures up to 1400¬įC came later, around 2,000 years ago.

  • Ceramics from this reign are found in collections and museums all over the world, so it is well worth familiarising oneself in the shapes, decoration, and marks on pieces of this prolific period of porcelain production.

  • Chaffers' erroneous attribution had one unfortunate effect: it was accepted as the gospel truth.

If you find a manufacturing mark on Chinese ceramics, styled similarly as the western marks, you can be sure that this item is not that old.

  • These literally run into the millions.

  • Colin Sheaf, Global Head of Asian Art, Bonhams.

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